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When you watch a wildlife or farming program have you ever thought how calm the animal is that while giving birth? Picture a lambing barn, all the sheep around are calm and nibbling away, you can see there tummies tense as they are working through their labour.  They wait and let their body do the work for them.  The Sheep that is about to lamb tucks herself into a corner, her waters break but there is no drama.  She may stand or lie down and as she gives birth to her lamb there is no death curdle scream (unlike the TV soap birth).  

Now think of a TV zoo program, the keepers are always so excited at the prospect of a new birth in their herd/flock/family.  Inevitable, that birth with happen in the dark with no one watching.  Keepers will often set up cameras so they can keep an eye on them,  not being intrusive in the birth making sure Mum and baby have started to bond and feed before they enter.  IF necessary, it is only one or two keepers that will go in to help no matter how many want to see the new arrival as they do not want to cause unnecessary stress.  

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