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About Hypnobirthing
There are multiple benefits to a KGHypnobirthing family and not just for the Mother.

For mother:
It gives them the knowledge and information to aid in informed decision making. It releases fear.  It helps the Mother learn to trust their body and body instinct and so they often experience a more comfortable and manageable birth as they let the birthing process happen.  The labour is frequently shorter with less drugs and less medical intervention and therefore Mum’s will recover more quickly as the physical impact on their body is less.

For Father:
Fathers  have a really important role in the birthing process but they often don’t feel like they do or are helping in any way.  A hypnobirthing Dad is able to take the positive role of being the protector and the go between for Mum which can help them to feel less of an ‘extra’ and more involved.  They know their partner the best and their partner trusts them.  In the pregnancy Dad will have been reading all the scripts to Mum aiding bonding with the baby before it is even born as Dad’s voice is familiar to baby.  Lots of antenatal training focuses on Mum and Baby only, this programme explains what happens to Dad’ hormones and the importance that that has on influencing Mum’s hormones in a supportive capacity.  They learn how to support Mum and how important their role is at this time.  The participate in creating that calm, safe and trusting environment and get that reward of having their baby.  Dad’s learn the benefits of skin to skin and what they can do to help their baby in that first important hour after birth.         
For Baby:
As KGHypnobirthing techniques are practiced the baby gets to know how Mum relaxes and what that feels like.  In the labour, Mum needs to relax between the contractions/surges to allow the uterus to have periods of rest, for the cells to fill with oxygen and have greater levels of oxytocin (a major birthing hormone) which keep the waves of contraction/surges going and so birth progressing. This keeps both the uterus and the placenta oxygenated and helps keep the baby less stressed during the birth.  They often are birthed in a relaxed but alert state ready to bond with their parents. A more relaxed experience reduces the chances of medical intervention which may interfere with their early development and bonding.  Babies are often reported to be calm and content plus good sleepers and so can thrive better.

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