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About Hypnobirthing
KGH prepares you for the birthing process by helping you create a tool box of techniques to prepare everyone (Mother, Father and Baby) for the birthing process. There are a variety of techniques taught to suit your mood, location and requirements.  You are taught self-hypnosis techniques to allow you to achieve a deep level of calmness and relaxation with your birthing partner having a key role. Practice is an important part.  The program aids to release any fear which has been built up over many years by hearing and seeing dramatic stories of pregnancy and birth. It can also help build confidence again and counteract the fear from a previous birthing experience.  KGH builds confidence and empowers the whole birthing team in a ‘can do’ more positive attitude to achieve a positive birthing experience.

“Hypnosis…..isn’t that making me do things I do not want, like you see on TV?”

Most likely this programme is not what you are expecting.  There are no clucking like chickens involved.  Deep relaxation is achieve by reassuring your subconscious mind and allowing you to let go of your fears.  Certain words, sounds and actions (like touch) as you practice them will trigger your subconscious mind and help you get to this calm state easier and easier with practice allowing you to stay there or come in and out of it depending on what you need to do.  It works with your hormone levels to promote the production of the relaxing and happy hormones and helps you suppress the fight or flight hormones that can interfere with a positive birthing process which you will learn about on the course.  Hypnobirthing works in different ways for different people but the main thing is that it works.
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